Saturday, December 5, 2009

tired but happy=)

my ytd was spent lazingggggggg with the bf..... =) wanton mee..boxer..kitkat ice cream.. sch.. jap food. <3 happy n sweet!

more fotos of that in another post~ =D

pedicure with xin the other day~ yang yang at fep is stil the best. =) i shall not be lazy next time=( lOL

my darling girl!

look uber shag leh me. with mummy today!

and my grandma! hahaha. i miss her. its been awhile since i visit her and sometime the things she says really makes me LOL. damn cute la.. but i noe she cares alot for me and she seems really happy whenever i pop by to visit her. =D

and of cos my fav aunt la! haha. pass her xmas present lor!!!=Dpresent all the way from sydney lehhh=)
woke up at 4plus am today to prepare for flight. felt super drained out n tired but stil went out to get my stuff done and oso to haf dinner with my parents=) its been awhile i join them for dinner outside and i feel happy to spend some quality time with them=)
and and anddd... i pre order my iphone online with starhub! was deciding between bb and iphone. in the end i choose iphone. since the main fn i wanna get bb is only becuase of the bbm but i dun haf many frens with bb leh!!! and i dun need pushmail lehhhhh .. junk mail sibeh zuey push simi mail... LOL... so ok la iphone la! bf oso usiing iphone too! HAHAH opps. ok. not cos of him okkkkk..
and and and.... i saw alot sales at airport today!!! burberry, gucci, coach, bottega... and sooo i think in town oso got sales liao lor!!! mmm... been eyeing that gucci flats leh!!! duno got discount not!! shall check it out after sch tml HAHAHAHA
and and anddddd... i haven do my xmas shopping yet!!
and and and andddddd.... shld i get a mikimoto pen? LOL. ok laaa.. i noe its a bit bo liaooo... but so chio lehhhh... buddy n nana oso haveeeeee.. so maybe i can get one so the wonder girls unite ma hor LOL. and its like part of our uniform la... u noe .. kebaya cabin bag LOL..can requisite liao lor!!! ok excuse alot!
think im too tired .. start to blabber nonsense..
*tight slap*
save money save money save money save money save money
tmd. lol
sch tml at 10... and after sch i got to wake up at 5am to prepare for flight to brisbane...
i wish ive got 48 hrs a day.

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