Friday, December 18, 2009


i duno why but im not worried about my exam later. normally i will get super uptight n kp studying non stop. but this time, im so relax! not kan chiong, not spider, not kan chiong spider. LOl. like no sense of urgent at all! even at 3.18 pm now! when my exam is starting in few hrs time. i jus read thru the whole book twice. memorise for 2 qns n tts it?



later see after exam i stil can slap not hahaha

but heck la.

shanghai tml~ im goin to do my nails and do some groceries shopping there~!

and when im back~~~ im goin to hugs all my wondergirls =D drinking. bbq. bbq.drinking. drinking. drinkinggggggggggg.... weeee~!!! jiu gui jiu gui~!

happy happy. i love love them!=)

cant wait cant wait!

and i cant wait for the malaysia trip with bf too!=D yum yum yum!

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