Friday, December 25, 2009

my xmas~

it was a simple dinner with the usual gang but it was the happiest for me. because ive got...

both of my love with me=D

xmas is about giving and sharing, it does not need to be a present=) its all about giving and sharing your happiness, time and love with everyone ard you~ true friends are those who stand by you when you need them, wipe ur tears when u cry, share your worries when your down, and doesnt demand anything in return. im glad ive got you my dear ali! even thou we seldom meet up but we r always here for one another and we still got the same thinking in work, love, family and friends. lol. no wonder we bff la!!! la kopi soon ok~~=D


little miss bad is waking up in 3 hrs time to fly off to melbourne~

and she is looking forward to the 27 n 28!!!!!=D malaysia, makan, shopping, movie with mr chatter!!=D

merry xmas again to everyone!

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