Thursday, December 10, 2009

from me to you=)

i noe you dun normally do sweet things for girls

i noe you always haf lot of girls to be there for u when u need them

i noe there are lot of girls that can do a better job than me as ur gf

i noe there are lot of girls who love you more than i do

but im glad u choose to be with me

glad that u make the effort to make me happy

glad that u sacrifies ur slp to acc me

came all the way to deliver a card to motivate me

make the effort to buy calling card to call me when im overseas

remembering my fav drink n bought it for me

calls me more than i call u!


u make me smile

and i wan to make u smile too

i wan to be there for ur match

to watch u practise watch u train n watch u play

i wan to be there to support u.

cheer for u when u win..

calm u down when u lose..

i wan to be there for u to lean on when ur tired..

for u to hug when u need comfort..

for u to talk to when u need to rant..

i feel happy by being able to do that for u=)

thank you baby

for coming in to my life..

=) <3

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