Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sales !!

hate the feeling of dragging myself out of bed-.- lesson was so damn draggy and im struggling to kp my eyes open for the whole day! even red bull dont give me wings anymore la.. next time mus bring toothpick to prick my eyes open!

but when lesson ends~ im energetic again! cos its shopping time~ sales are everywhere but one thing i hate is... PPL EVERYWHERE!!! -.- met my parents for shopping! pop by gucci~ dun haf my flats, pop by coach dun haf my flats.. duhhh.... nvm i wil go rome n get it! HAHA. next week!!!!=D

in the end i got a jacket from AX! its on sale and totally worth it la!! if not it will be 199 lorrrr..i think damnnn long lor! ive got like 20 over jackets at home but this one was so hard to resist=( sooo..yess i bought it! after i paid for it, my mum said.. k la k la. i buy for u. xmas present ar! WAHHHHHHHH heng ar i buy! imagine if i nv buy i will lose out lor! =D

oh and i still haven get any xmas presents for my frens =x i got distracted by my own shopping...


brisbane tml! =) back on wed=D

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