Saturday, December 12, 2009


cant wait for the balloon pics to be up!! wahah
the other day we went to tk pics again! and i think both of us r really crazy. we actually went to a church n tk jumping shots when ppl r praying. LOL. jitao is damn funny la. we were trying so hard to contain our laughters and make as lil noise as possible think we failed. HAHAa. lucky the ppl cant be bothered with us. =D
im leaving again~ for 5 days. to rome~ it shld be fun n exciting but i find it sad to leave baby behind. so wanna pack him into my lugguage! but i think my baggage wil be overwt. he so heavy! LOL. opps.
5 days chop chop fly by! n i wil be back !
and when im back
ive got bf day!
ive got exam
ive got shanghai
ive got wonder girls clubbin night out and xmas bbq~! =D

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