Thursday, December 3, 2009

yeah im back from adelaide. ive got my tan! not very dark la but at least im not fair anymore! hahahaha.. i tan till i fell asleep and now my front is darker than my back. ok nvm. next trip i wil slp by my front n tan the back. lol. the weather in adelaide was perfect la! n the pool was quiet n cosy. =) after my tan i slept thru the whole afternoon, evening and night till the next morning check out. waking up only for toilet break, makan abit and talking to bf=)

now ive got things to do in boring aussie stations! other than maxing out my allowance in supre, valley girls, witchery, sports girls, tents.. *aussie's brand* now i can do some tanning! =D

flight back was uber tiring. literally drained out. if it wasnt for the off days, if it wasnt for my class, if it wasnt for the sake of passing my exam, i will never-ever-over-my-dead-body give away my amsterdam flight for dis adelaide, bali turn and brisbane flight. tmd. =(

ive got so many errands to run. -.- haven settle my application for credit cards. gota cancel the supp card from dad. gota go down starhub with daddy to do the transfer of ownership of my current hp plan. gotta settle xmas presents and xmas gift exchange!-.-

but still the thought of the night out and bbq with wonder girls makes my heart beat damn fast n excited la! HAHAHAHAa


after seeing that, i felt a wrench in my heart. i know im selfish. i know i let you down. i know you dont deserve this. i know your putting up a strong front. but im in no position to comfort you anymore. im not your her anymore. i can only wish you well...

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