Thursday, December 24, 2009


i was called up to perth after my bbq. totally not enuff slp. like half an hr only lor! but! i recharged in perth. slpt from 5pm to 10am . shiok la!

my buy in shanghai!!

full to the max lor!

wala with buddies str after shanghai!

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after our wala n chicky wings my dear buddy stil hungry!! omg.

my fav teh cino!

next day goin out to buy ingredient for bbq!

learnin how to cook button mushroom in white wine sauce!

jitao aunty~

wong can cook~ so can u!

damn nice la!
me n buddy really canot multi task. while preparing stuff for bbq..
me: eh buddy u got fruit cheese hor. can i try?
buddy: eh ya hor. eh i got cracker!
me: wah shiok can go with it
buddy: eh ya! i got grapes n wine oso!
me: wah cheese n fruit service!
* cheese n fruit service is one of the service after dessert service in business class. where there are a selection of cheese for passenger to go with wine. n the cheese to go with grapes, crackers and nuts*
buddy: lets prepare!

can i offer u the almond n apricot cheese to go with you wine sir/mdm?



jiu gui!

my 2 love=)

wahahaha.. damn cute!

with our own gifts for xchange!

damn excited la!

buddy got mine!


lili got jiewei's~

nana got lili's~

ahhh~~ who lives in the pineapple under the sea?

=D merry xmas in advance~!!!!!=)

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