Sunday, December 21, 2008

ah yang bird day~=)

it ah yang's bird day bbq on sat! im glad im called up for a morning flt and back sin by 3pm! haha. but all the while im struggling to stay awake cos i work up at 4am and only manage to slp for an hr. thanks to my bro who gave me a call n talk for 5 min about his car and i lost slp for the whole night til 4am. %$^&@&#$%^&*(*


ah yang and sao zi~


long time no see tiny!!!=)

happy til mouth open v big.. LOl

my bff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D ROARRRRRR hahaha


fj girls and the bird day boi~


MY CHIOEST GF!=Dlove dis pic=)

xmas present~ attend bf's family xmas dinner! i forgot to bring my cam=( so heres the pic of the present and ang bao... supposed to be wrapped up thou with pretty wrapping papers. but im too impatient. HAHA
i always love to attend his family xmas celebration. i had nv been to any before when i wasnt with him and nv noe hows a xmas party like. i used to spent my xmas with my family driving ard orchard rd enjoyng the xmas lighting and soaking ourself in the festive mood. but now i enjoy xmas party! the roast turkey, the xmas cake and whole lot of yummy food. everyone get together and play games.. gift exchange and chat with one another.. a season of giving and sharing=)

me and sabrina=)

muacks=) thanks for bringing me to the xmas dinner..=) and i love the dress u bought for me=)

heres the AX trenchcoat!! so chio isnt gona bring on my next long trip to moscow n houston!!! gona wear it with my jeans and boots from osaka~!!!!

alrite.. having a short flt tml.. manila night stop.. back on tues=D

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