Thursday, December 18, 2008

osaka and batchies meet up!

im back from delhi~ so heres some fotos from osaka~!

100 yen shop. a v sinful place which will turn u into a crazy shopper even when u dun haf the intention to buy!

our shag face.. str away bath and change after touch down..

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afternoon milk tea..cassy favourite!

in less than 10 mins..

cass got me to help her bring dis back!!! heavy de lorrrr LOL

after shoppin at 100 yen and fancl next to our hotel.. we dropped our shoppin bag in our rm n head off to namba!

our tickets~!


choose a meal

purchase a ticket

pose for a pic..

and heres our ramen~=) dis is li yuin's salted soup base

and mine~ all time favourite.. miso soup base

breakfast +lunch

shin sai ba shi... we nearly died shoppin there.. its a long stretch of shopping paradise.. u will see no end.. we shop like 6 hrs plus and haven reach the end yet can....

f cup cookies.. HAHAHAHAH..... i dun need it.. opps...

jiewei! dis is for u.. canot go rite.. tk foto show u! LOL

we decide to snack ard for our dinner=)

dis is super sweet n juicy!!!

authentic one ok!!! not those we have in sin... ALL FLOUR ONE!!!

tired but happy with a big hole in pocket.. LOL

the fac cake shop i always frequent when im in osaka

my loots...



did the crabby look familiar? hahaha got it there.. FOC.. lol


serena and lili!!!!

buddy me n cass!

santa cass

serena got it! hahaha.. f cup cookies!!!!

LI LI with her gift.. HAHAHA from cassy~

and our jie wei got her present from liyuin!! who is sick and unable to turn up ..
jiewei.. hahah pressie have to wait liao looo LOl

i got mine from serena!!! HAHAHHA Victoria Secret romantic wish body spray all the way from houston!!

n cassy got her pressie from jiewei~

santa lili~

5 woman = 1 freaking big market LOl
we gossip n bitch like NON STOP. haha..updating each other bout the juicy-iest gossip! LOl.. and we r super loud n noisyyyyy wahahahha

we shld meet up more often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
next.. meet up with poly mates tml!=D ktv n dinner~! WOO~!!!

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