Sunday, December 7, 2008

poly frens meet up=)

as perm there liao
i enjoyed my off days in sin!! other than having some shoping + bonding session with my mum , i met up with my poly frens for dinner~!!! i miss them so much~!!

b4 goin out~!

botak henry~!!

fish n co~!

dis is super huge n i look super funny~! LOl

i make a huge lot of noise over there LOl

my lovely jt~!

she was hoggin on to my camera for the whole time!!!!!! n she start tking a series of foto of her very pretty face LOl...

grp pic~!

they look like a perfect couple siaaa

even in toilet she want tk foto

n when im peeing.. shes camwhoring~!!

but stil i think she look v pretty here=)

she wan a close up foto so is thise close enuff????!! LOL

out of a sudden smth shockin came out frm dis girl mouth she says,
eh tk foto with me n the bangala leh.. i got fetish for bangala.. i always fantasize them.
me n kay boon instant JAW-DROP. lol i think our jaw touched the floor n goes wtf?! LOl

she asked us to tk dis because she like the bangala behind. LOL.. n me n kayboon told her ..
eh actually u look like those filipino maid when u tk picture among those bangalas..
n her eyes grew with fire HAHAHAHAH


they nv failed to flood my fone~! jus like back in those poly days..
guess wat.. MY HP SPOIL.. im not kiddin... the vibration is not workin! like only 2nd day? but its ok i got a 1 to 1 exchange... thanks ar JT N QIS!!! LOL

townin wif bf ytd=)

got myself a lovely dress from fep ! im goin to kp it for cny~!!!=) and my liquid foundation from make up forever=)
i jus love walking ard in town holding the hand of my love and ppl watch.. laughing ppl with lousy fashion sense.. and admiring those with pretty bags and pretty face.. stopping by the bar and watch the band play and sing some love songs... admiring at those beautiful xmas lightings.. =)
off to perth tonight ! cant wait to meet sri there for some xmas gift shopping~!!!=D

more meet up with frens comin up~~
11th- meetin with the birdies
15th -meetin with the batchies
19th- meetin with zy jw n jt~! poly meet up~!

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