Tuesday, December 2, 2008


blogging from dubai now. will be back tml=)

jus got back from istanbul today. staying in a new hotel with very nice facilities. im staying in a suite!! got kitchen and washing machine and microwave oven and a fridge same size as the one at my home lor. oh most imptly, free wireless. =)


i love this hotel!!~

this 7 days trip, all i do is eat slp eat slp. nv even sightsee nv even shop much ecept for shoppin for groceries.-.- so sad rite. i was coughing like mad rite from the first flt lor. cough til canot serve meal sia...=( felt bad...
n its gettin worst.canot even go for desert tour lor...plus the food here ar.. fried ar..curry ar..spice ar.. wah liao.. no help at all... and i already eat the 5th cup noodles liao.. bad for heath man..

anyway, i was saying i backk from istanbul rite. so we go over to dubai mall str away after changing lor. its the biggest shopping mall in the world.ITS REALLY FUCKING HUGE. with all the brands la ya.. u name it they have it. and a super big aquarium which i think the one we used to have it at wisma is such a disgrace and the sentosa underwaterworld is PEANUTS compared to this.i will post up fotos when im back=D

seriously.i cant wait to be back. i miss my bed, my smelly bolster, my family, my mum's cooking, my frens and my lovely bf=)

i miss his hug, his voice and his kisses....T.T

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