Friday, December 12, 2008

birdies meet up!!!

the birdies meet up today!!! so i met bern first and we bumped into my ALI!!.. haha.. im like shouting CHOOOO HUEYYYYY WENNNNNNNNNNNNN... n den both of us goes..AHHHHHH... HAHAH.. n den i said.. ehhhhhhhhhh tk foto tk foto. n push my camera n umbrella to the poor xiao pang( ali's bf) LOL.. he got no choice but to oblige to our request.. HAHAHAH

saw the necklace my dear ali wear?? its a present from me!! hahahaha... i noe i mus get it for her when i first saw it in shanghai.. cos.. it looks like her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

slackin in starfuck b4 fabby come!

tryin to show her silky hair laaaa

trying to show her big eye laa..

trying to show i got ducky mouth laaa... with moustache..

queing like almost ah hr for mahattan fish market.. which is really like a market cos its fuckin noisy over there LOl

sorry.. im too busy drinkin the soup n realise i had not snapped a pic after im half way finishin it LOl

too happy with her peach tea HAHAHAa

how can dun haf toilet piic!!!!!!!!!!!! so here it goes~

nice dinner.. nice bunch of birds.. haha a pity our dear xy wasnt here!!!!! shes on her way back from genting!!!! but we nv forget u!!! our bird family wont be complete without u ok LIAN JIE!!! =x LOl
haha great time catching up and reminising those historical moments in sec sch.. LOl.. n those pranks we played on the teachers and classmates we outcast.. HAHA.. oh.. and we rmbered tt our class sing birthday song EVERYDAY when we heard the bunch of customers singing bdae song next to us LOl.. miss it man HAHAHA
osaka tml~!!! back on sunday~! and batchies meet up on monday~!!! cant wait... =D
new roster out n it kinda sucks. but i shld be glad that im in sin on cny eve even thou i have a flt to adelaide on first day of cny.. cos its late rpt which means i stil get to go visitin in the mornin n afternoon!!!=) i wan gamble de lor!
say hi to perth, adelaide, johannesburg and copenhagen again.. oh n bombay.. i scare bombin!!!
k bye~

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