Monday, December 29, 2008

in houston

im starting to miss home...miss my family my frens my bf and the local food.

moscow was too cold to go out. the entire land is covered with snow n stepping out of the lobby is goin to freeze u to death.-.-so wepent our xmas in one of our crew rm drinking ourself silly with the russian vodka and tonnes of juices as mixer along withh sure-to-make-u-drink-like-hell card games. watver card we tk sure got someone have to drink lol

im now in houston.. after slpin for more than 14 hrs im all charged and ready to chiong the shopping malls jus opp out hotel.we got macy's, saks fifth avenue,the galleria... =D

im glad i bring along my little smelly bolster for dis trip..if not im gona die of hm sick..=(

time in houston is 14 hrs behind sin.

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