Monday, December 22, 2008

meet up with poly mates=)

meet up last week with jt zy n jw. did a pedi with jt and some shopping! total damage: 2 dress and tt AX coat -.- n dis girl is quite gd at psychoing me shoppin too LOl

met up with dis 2 dude. 1 a best trainee of zulu company. lol. BEST trainee. mus emphasize on tt. another a pilot to be. lol

im a victim of dis photo. dun ask me why LOl

dis one too. i sacrifice myself pls. LOL

da zhi lao!

our botak best trainee!

me with this " F*** U AH TIONG" lol.. *inside joke* HAHAHAHHAHA

haiz.. too bad david not here!!!

they r stil as crappy as ever. thier mouth still as mean as ever. and they r still so funny as ever!! lol.. non stop crazy laughing!! wahaha
alrite.. gtg prepare for flt=)

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