Wednesday, December 10, 2008

an unexpected meet up=D

some zi lian foto taken in perth!! haha. with pikachu pyjamas LOl.. preparing to go for flt ..=x

no faux lashes k... my real lash hor!!!

i noe u wil ask wat mascara.. i use cheap n gd one.. haha..
if u duno where to buy u can go n die.. lol

enuff bout my chio foto.. HAHA..
today its a special meet up with eugan!! its been so longgggggggggg since i last meet him up!!!!!! wahaha.. n dis meet up its kinda last minute.. n so we met at tm for hagen daz~

dis super best buddy of mine is stil as tall as ever!! my god..

waahahaha.. i miss those gd old days in prss!!!

those days in sch are really fun.. dis stupid old man always love to bully me!!!!!!!! pulliny my hair band n refuse to return me la.. make me run after him the whole level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! purposely one!!!! den love to hit my head when i talk rubbish... LOl.. those chinese electronic project days.. with xiu jun..steph..wee ho..miss ho.. kaka..weibin.. ali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n his horrible singing destroyin may day's song!!!!!!!!!!!! wah lao.. buay tahan..

sometime its great to meet up with ur best frens tt u nv get to meet up often.. catchin up about and love.. reminising those good old days and laugh about the silly things we once did.. and even thou we seldom get to meet up we stil care about one another and nv forget to send our greetings and wishes on special occasions=)

lets meet up soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
more meet up tml! with the birdies..~~!!=)

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