Friday, December 5, 2008

fotos up!

fotos up~! haha taken few weeks back=)


signing the live n death pact LOl

eyebrow shaping~!



worried bf ! HAHAHAa

starts now~!

better rite.. os much neater lorrrrrrrr.... he always dread it when i ask him to trim eyebrow and kp complain dis and that. so when he finally agreed to get his brows trim by a professional im so happy. LOl. bugging him for almost 2 yrs lor~!

all red n swollen.. lOl

happy niece~!

banana muffin baking session!

rm service in dubai. my sweet tooth acting up so despite of my terrible cough.. i stil can resist from gettin dis moist choc cake with macadamia nut ice cream~! after wacking it.. i fall into a deep slp.. yummy~!

cam whoring in istanbul before meetin crew for makan=D

my miss selfridge jeans=D

my suite in dubai

outside dubai mall

its like vivo city x 4!!!!

the aquarium.. now u noe why i say the one used to be at wisma is a disgrace?

tk a careful look into the aquarium.. theres a tunnel in there for those who bough ticket to walk 'thru' the aquarium machian the underwater world in sentosa~!

dis garlic tan plus chicken tikka plus mango lass in the food cout cost me about 20 sgd. tsk tsk.. high living expenses... now u noe why my cough nv recover despite finish 1 bottle of cough syrup.. LOl

ice skating rink somemore...

dis is for my bf. opps. HAHAHAHA=D

was having dinner with my parents at changi village ytd. n we saw dis tua bao. its realy TUA lor.. its call YE ZI MEI DA BAO lol..

my victories ytd~!
off to meet my polymates for dinner~! more pics=)

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