Sunday, December 14, 2008


im back~~ back with a big hole in my pocket~! haha

i spent like 500 sgd! gosh. the exchange rate for japan yen is EX!! omg.. make the things there so ex!!!! but still... me n my dear li yuin chiong shopping after we bath n change when we reach hotel. its like totally 24 hrs nv slp ! haha..

i cant post up the fotos today.. if not the foto will reveal the present for tml's gift exchange with my batch girls!! hahaha

i bought like tonnes of tibits from 100 yen .. 4 fancl cleansing oil.. fancl calorie limit pill.. 3 cape hair spray.. a pair of very chio boots.. some jap magazine.. meiji collagen powder for my bro's wife.. afternoon milk tea ( 5 bottles n 2 cans).. and my dear ali bdae present..agnes b bag!!! ahaha.. tts all.. actually its like not much.. its the exchange rate high so the amt of money i spent seems like buy alot stuff.. mm.. cos the bag is not for me.. the collagen is not for me.. the rest is makan stuff... den hair spray for work ma.. so its like the stuff tt i actually shop is the boots? yeah lo..=(

LOl... alrite..

anyway agnes b is not pronounce as agnes b in japan.. its AH-NIES-BEY..

lol. like nin-na-bey?



i fall in love with a hp accesories.. its a cute little bear with diamondte and colourful clothes.. its 220 bucks..!!!=( n.. it got a gold little pendant with prada engraved on it. opps.

im tired. yawn..


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