Thursday, December 4, 2008

retail therapy again

shopping with mum today~! we visited 3 gucci boutiques to take a look at their sales. luckily theres nth tt caught my eye. lol. the bags that were on sales were so common. 1 week later u will see everyone carrying the same gucci walking along orchard road. -.-

anyway i got 2 tops from miss selfridge and 2 tops from mango again. opps. the sales at miss selfridge was kinda hard to resist. 50% off on 2nd pc. sales end on the 8th dec. dun miss it ya girls! totally worth it. oh! i saw joannae peh, felicia chin and belinda lee at celine. i guess theres some new launch of their bags or wat so they were there for the event. felicia chin is damn gorgeous! flawless skin , long legs and skinny arms.

*note to self: start dieting!*

and i saw anuja and sarah today~!!!!!!!!! so happyyyy HAHAHHAHAHA


and i got myself a new hp. nokia E71. im totally clueless when it comes to hp functions. this smart phone is a little too smart for me. im having difficulty figuring out how to use it and am at the verge of giving up!!! gdnessssssssssss.... but i love how the fone look like.. chic and edgy. now i got a 3g fone~! i can use in jap n korea~! wee.. my previous fone was a 2g=(

ok.. off to figure out the fone again-.-

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